I’m so excited to announce that I’m curating Quarterly Co’s YA Literary Box for this quarter!! If you sign up for a box (do it soon!!) you’ll get a brand new copy of LOOKING FOR GROUP, two other books I personally selected, and some really amazing bookish goodies that will be revealed sooooon!

But let me say– it’s not just a book. Nope. The copy of LOOKING FOR GROUP that you’ll get in this box will have a signed bookplate by me (in about 23 different colors, so yours will be unique!) AND tons of annotations written by me about the text. I got to share some inside stories, insight, secrets behind the pages, so many feels (and some random doodles) about LOOKING FOR GROUP.

This is the picture I took in the aftermath of writing my annotations!

Which is messy and not awesome at all. But do you know who is awesome? Hikari, from Folded Pages Distillery, who introduced the box and took this INCREDIBLE bookstagram!

So I am beyond stoked, and I hope you’ll check Literary Co and their amazing quarterly boxes out!